Saturday, October 16, 2010


the day, was not one of my luckiest days but still i got the lucky call from MTV. i was very excited when i got the call.
Then i informed my gang members and we went to chanakyapuri for the auditions 2 days later.

The Venue was Delhi College Of Arts And Commerce at 9.30am. By the time we all showed up from all the corners of delhi [Noida, East Delhi To be precise] it was 11 am.
We were the last of the teams on that day sign up the registration sheet. We were all given a ID- with number 22 on it. When we entered the hall, there were other teams seated and one team was performing a Pole Dance on stage, we were shocked because we hadn't planned on anything....

But luckily before it was our turn to perform on stage we were called into the audition room for G.D(group discussion). V.J BANI was our judge for the day. She gave us the topic "IS CHEATING VALID IN A RELATIONSHIP". We were in support of the topic. Mr. Ali helped us out. He was with the MTV team. He was really good with his arguements against the other team.

After we completed G.D,we came back in a hall, we were called on a stage and we were asked to perform a single-legged dance. We did our best. :)

We didn't expect to win the GD but stil we did, we were all really happy. The next round was P.I(personal interview.)

Personal Interview was a much more relaxed affair. They asked us word play questions and asked some questions about our Gang. It went well and we were all happy as we left the place and made our way to our respective homes. As we were in metro we got the call that our gang TOONZ GAMERZ is one of the 10 Gangs selected from Delhi. 
It was truly a happy moment.....

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