Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some important Questions From Photoshop.... Find Out there Answers

1.)what is the full form of R.G.B?
2.)define the difference between RGB and GRAYSCALE?
3.)define the difference between OPEn and OPEN AS?
4.)what is the full form of C.M.Y.K?
5.)how many types of BITS does PHOTOSHOP SUPPORT?
6.)after creating a photoshop file,now through which option we can check the photoshop file settings?
7.)how many frames are there in NTSc format and PAL format?
8.)what is 90degree C.W and 90 degree C.C.W?
9.)how may types of default channels are there in photoshop?
10.)what is desaturation?
11.)what is the work of adjustment layer?
12.)what is the use of link layers?
13.)what is the use of folder?
14.)what is the use of delete tool in photoshop?
15.)how can we create a new brush and new pattern?
16.)name any 4 formats which can be open in photoshop?
17.)how many option does transform have?

new file
open file
save as
free transform
color balance
hue saturation
re do
image size
canvas size

19.) what is the use of canvas size?
20.) what is the default aspect ratio of photoshop?
21.) what is the default resoulution of photoshop file?
22.) what is the default resolution of photo,U.S paper,international paper,web, mobile and device, film video presets?

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